Florida Strawberry Festival 2023 in Plant City All Details

The Florida Strawberry Festival represents a part of Americana that dates back to a period in the American past that brought fairs and celebrations communities together to celebrate their harvests.

The event has grown in importance yearly due to the preservation of this rich tradition. Its primary focus is the Festival is continuing to preserve and promote the legacy of the past and agriculture associated with this Florida strawberry.

The Florida Strawberry Festival 2023 runs for 11 days from March 2-12. There are two main shows every day.

Where Is The Florida Strawberry Festival 2023?

Florida Strawberry Festival 2023

The Florida Strawberry Festival occurs within Plant City, the heart of Florida’s growing strawberry region, approximately 25 miles west of Tampa and 60 miles east of Orlando, located on Interstate 4.

From Tampa, Take Exit I-4 to Forbes Road (Exit 17). Continue south until Highway 574 (MLK Boulevard.) and then east until the Festival area.

In Orlando, Exit I-4 at Park Road (Exit 22) takes a southerly route to Highway 92 (Baker St.) Continue west, turn southbound onto Alexander St., then westbound Reynolds St., leading you to the Festival grounds.

What Is The Entry Price For Florida Strawberry Festival 2023 In Plant City?

Entry Price For Florida Strawberry Festival 2023 In Plant City

General. What is the cost of strawberry festival 2023 tickets? Adults (ages 13 and over): $10 Children (ages 6-12): $5) 10 dollars (ages 6-12): $5 Children (ages between 6 and 12) (ages 6-12): $5. children (ages five and younger) free when you pay for adult admission.

What Is The Duration Of the Florida Strawberry Festival 2023?

Duration Of the Florida Strawberry Festival 2023

The event will last 11 days and run from Thursday, March 3, until the 13th day of March, which is Sunday. Gates open at 9:00 a.m. Closes 10:00 p.m.

What Is The Best Time To Enjoy Strawberry Time In Florida?

Strawberries flourish throughout Florida’s Sunshine State in the winter months, with the most success in the west-central part of Florida.

As per Wael Elwakil, a University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension Agent in Hillsborough County, Florida, strawberries are at their peak between February and March.

Tips & Tricks For Strawberry Picking in Festival

1. Dress casually. Wear loose-fitting clothing.

2. Put on a hat and ensure you have sunscreen.

3. Take your containers with you.

4. If you plan to spend your day outside, pack Ice to keep the berries cool.

5. Choose only ripe, firm, and firm fruit.

6. Be careful not to take off all the upper berries.

7. Pick each ripe berry from each plant rather than hopping between plants.

Parking Tips In Florida Strawberry Festival

The cost of parking is $5 at festival grounds, and it is free with tram services to the entry gates. Parking is available in private parking lots, churches, and schools nearby for between $10 and $15.

It is a good idea to drive around the festival area to park if traffic is permitted.
You’ll find numerous official signage on side streets leading to parking spots. Don’t be afraid to go off the track a little.