10 Best Botanical Gardens in Orlando, Florida (Must Visit)

Are you willing to explore one of the multiple spectaculars of Best Botanical Gardens in Orlando, Florida? Although I am passionate about educating our readers on the best places to eat, rest, and shop in Orlando,

The city is so beautiful, Orlando, Florida, I also try my best to provide visitors with exciting and new experiences to make their trip more enjoyable. In this blog post, We are sharing some of the gorgeous gardens you can explore in your Orlando plan in Florida.

Botanical gardens aren’t just reserved for people who are botanists or have green thumbs. They offer visitors information on diverse plant species, opportunities to take a breather in the midst of the city, and a chance to connect to nature uniquely.

Top 10 Botanical Gardens in Orlando

Here are the some of the Best Botanical Gardens in Orlando, Florida:

10. Discovery Gardens

Discovery Gardens
Discovery Gardens

It is home to some of Florida’s well-known trees and plants (including varieties that produce fruits and veggies). is the perfect place for anyone interested in understanding how horticulture works.

A wide range of programs is known for garden lovers, homeowners, instructors, and kids. It comprises 20 major garden themes, each created to highlight a unique aspect of gardening in Central Florida.

It’s open from Monday through Friday and the third Saturday of every month. Guests are welcome to walk through the parks any time of the year.

9. Mead Botanical Garden

Mead Botanical Garden
Mead Botanical Garden

The Winter Park garden that stretches across 47 acres is where people go to be at peace and engage with nature’s best can offer.

The green oasis offers visitors butterflies, a boardwalk, hiking trails, a creek, a pond with turtles, various species of fish, and wading birds.

There also exist birding and yoga courses, and occasions held yearly, such as The Great Duck Derby and the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra.

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8. Harry P Leu Gardens

Harry P Leu Gardens
Harry P Leu Gardens

Over fifty acres (20ha) of gardens to explore include everything from camellias, azaleas, bromeliads, philodendrons, and azaleas to palms, cycads, and 200-year-old oak trees, and an insect garden.

If that weren’t enough, Harry P Leu Gardens boasts one of the largest American collections of camellias. It was gathered from the journeys of its founders,

Mr. and Mrs. Harry P Leu donated the Leu House and its gardens to Orlando in 1961.

Tours of the house with guides are available regularly, and tall trees with canopy can make exploration enjoyable on even the most scorching of days.

7. Kraft Azalea Park

Kraft Azalea Park
Kraft Azalea Park

It is located on the shores at the edge of Lake Maitland. This park is accessible to visitors from 8:30 a.m. until late evening.

It is situated on a 13-acre site surrounded by gigantic Cypress trees, making it a perfect spot for a casual visit or a memorable celebration, for example, a wedding.

It’s not a huge park situated on around 5 acres. It’s an outstanding spot for a cozy picnic or stroll along the trails covering the garden.

6. Central Park Rose Garden

Central Park Rose Garden
Central Park Rose Garden

Winter Park’s top-of-the-line garden is located on Park Avenue in the heart of the shopping district. The garden hosts visitors throughout the year with numerous occasions and events catering to the entire family.

Central Park Rose Garden has beautiful fountains, a landscaped planter, a stunning oak tree canopy, and an extensive rose garden. One thing to remember is that pets aren’t permitted at this park.

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5. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens
Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

The park is open from sunrise until sunset and is free to enter throughout the year. This 48-acre (19ha) oasis is home to beautiful gardens, tranquil gardens, wildlife habitats, and some of the finest birdwatching in the city.

The experts are there to assist visitors with a range of activities, including gardening and horticulture classes along with walking trails for herbs, and fitness enthusiasts gather on the beautiful lawns every Saturday and Wednesday to enjoy “Yoga in the Garden.”

Picnic tables are also accessible at the site, so gather your family and a sandwich for a simple afternoon snack.

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4. Dickson Azalea Park

Dickson Azalea Park
Dickson Azalea Park

It was declared a City of Orlando park in 1924 officially. This lovely area has towering plants that will welcome guests when they enter the garden.

It’s located to the east of downtown Orlando. The stream is quiet across the 3.6-acre area and is charming enough to enjoy a quiet stroll or picnic in the creek or underpass.

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3. Lake Lotus Park

Lake Lotus Park
Lake Lotus Park

The park covers an enormous 150 acres (61ha) comprising 120 (49ha) of woodlands and wetlands. A walk through Lake Lotus Park’s 1.7 mi (2.7km) trail will leave you looking up at huge cypresses and marshes and a thriving wildlife population that calls this park home.

It’s the perfect place to connect and reconnect with Mother Nature, bring the kids for picnics for the whole family or sit back and relax on the boardwalk and listen to the gentle rumbling of water to keep you entertained. There’s a fishing area as well, and everything is free.

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2. Orlando Memorial Gardens

A blend of natural beauty, old trees, and elaborate tombstones makes Orlando Memorial Gardens serene, elegant, and well worth visiting.

With an area of 35 acres (14ha), Take a stroll through the beautiful gardens while paying respect to the people who have departed in their graves.

It is a location to discover spiritual harmony. Its dynamic past can deliver an inspiring experience.

1. McKee Botanical Gardens

McKee Botanical Gardens
McKee Botanical Gardens

A few minutes away from downtown Orlando located on the corner of Winter Park, this public lakefront park is among the most sought-after in the city for a reason.

You can relax in a comfy chair, walk along its peaceful trails or attempt to catch fresh bass, bluegill, carp, or gar off the dock, where there’s an opportunity to kayak or paddleboard on the tranquil waters.

It’s a hot spot for keen photographers, so make sure to obtain your camera to catch pictures deserving of Instagram.

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