Orange Picking in Orlando | 10 Best Orange Groves in Florida

Are you considering going to Orange Picking in Florida? In this blog post, we will walk you through Florida’s orange groves and give me suggestions for obtaining the most out of seeing an orange farm.

Foremost of all, it’s a low-priced exercise that obtains along hours of fun. With many Orlando orange groves not even charging an entry fee, all you have to do is pay for what you choose – so the pleasure is complimentary!

We also love the orange picking in Orlando because it is a pandemic-safe movement. Since it’s outdoors in an open space, you can socially distance yourself, appreciate the outdoors, and get some exercise in one safe tour!

Florida and oranges go jointly; the modest orange has evolved into an icon of the form. When driving into Florida, you are satisfied with a cold glass of orange liquid at the rather rest holidays, and the passionate affair with the straightforward orange does not quit there.

Most of the oranges in Florida are produced in the southern two-thirds, where they can hardly witness a freeze.

This condition causes Florida oranges to be some of the most suitable in the world. The warmth and humidity show is charming and pulpy oranges.

Types of Oranges found in Orlando

There are wide different varieties of oranges. Some are sweet, and some are sour. Common types include:

  • Navel orange
  • Mandarin orange
  • Cara Cara orange
  • Blood orange
  • Valencia orange
  • Seville orange
  • Jaffa orange

Health Benefits of Oranges

  • The vitamin C in oranges aids your body in tons of ways
  • Shields your cells from injury
  • Allows your body to make collagen, a protein that cures wounds and offers you smoother skin
  • It causes it more comfortable to immerse iron to combat anemia
  • Strengthens your immune system, your body’s shield against germs
  • Slows the advancement of age-related macular deterioration (AMD), a foremost causality of sight loss
  • Assists battle cancer-causing free radicals

Best Way to Handpick oranges in Orlando.

Best Way to Handpick oranges in Orlando

Unlike some fruits, oranges do not ripen after harvesting, so you must confirm you pick a ripe orange. The ripe ones will drop from the tree in numerous cases, but that’s no joy.

You reached Orange Groves in Florida to choose oranges off the tree, not the bottom.
You like to match the orange is complimentary from mold, fungus, or scratches and senses sweet, new, and citrusy.

The shade will be better orange than green or yellow in the shade.
To choose the orange, hold the fruit in your hand and gently turn until the branch separates from the tree.

If the orange is elevated, shake the tree to ease the fruit, and some Pick orange groves in Florida supply executes to help you pick from higher branches.

You can then remove the branch of the orange or utilize clippers if it’s a class where the skin rips effortlessly.

Self-Picking Oranges Farms Near Orlando

Self-Picking Oranges Farms Near Orlando

Florida’s warm sunshine and moist atmosphere make it an excellent holiday spot and setting for delivering various tasty vegetables and fruits, from bell peppers and corn to citrus and strawberries, all year extended!

While tons of foods, like mushrooms, can be produced year-round, the primary farming season begins in the fall months of October and November and operates through the end of May.

Yet, spending time with your cherished ones will never reach out of season! We’re not frightened to be particular, so match some of our famous self-Picking Oranges Farm’s farmsteads around Orlando!

How To Store Fresh Oranges In Orlando

The most helpful method to hold your oranges after picking them, if you can, is to hold them in the crisper in your refrigerator; here, they will remain of the highest quality for up to three weeks. Unrefrigerated in a cool, dry storage place, they are at their most suitable for four to five daytimes.

So currently, you understand everything around the orange. Where can you reach and gather them up? I’ve chosen the highest orange groves in Florida based on reviews and data available. There will be more, but these five appear most trustworthy and skilled.

Season/Time Of Oranges In Orlando

About 4 hours aggregate. Please note that Orlando traffic requirements differ widely while I-4 is under the building. This regional Self-pick tour normally works from November – to June.

  • Oranges in season (November – May)
  • Grapefruit in season (December – May)
  • Tangerines in season (November – June)
  • Lemons in season (November – June)
  • Limes in season (November – December)

10 BEST Spots for Orange Picking in Orlando

Now let’s bring into the best domain of this guide blog, the Orange Groves near Central Florida, Orlando!

10. Showcase of Citrus

Showcase of Citrus

Situated only 15 minutes from Orlando, The Showcase of Citrus is one of the U Pick or handpick orange groves in Florida that has so great for you to do.

The grove is a family-owned and managed 2,500-acre estate producing over 50 types of citrus.

They are available to handpick oranges generally from November to May, and they include tons to do further than just choosing oranges.

The hours of slots do change; currently, 9 am-7 pm, and they are available all year round, although there is not consistently orange picking open.

Visitors can not just appreciate picking a type of citrus between late October and June, But they’re also welcome to see the gator nursery, farm animals, Ancient Time Country Store, and Monster Truck Tour on the 2,500-acre citrus farm land.

Entry Fee:$5 entry for grown-ups and $2 for kids ages 4 – 12
Address:5010 US – 27, Clermont, FL 34714

9. Meadors Blueberry Farm

Meadors Blueberry Farm

With over 5,000 berry factories, Meadors Blueberry Farm is a blueberry-Licious ideal for berry lovers!

The farm refrains from utilizing pesticides while berries are arising from their plants and only uses organic pesticides produced from sesame grain and fish emulsion.

Visitors can pick their own berries, order pre-packed piles, or even bring home their very own berry plant! Meadors Blueberry Farm is available every daytime from 8 am to 5:30 pm and even deals delicious treats (aside from the berries) like homemade pickles and syrup, honey, grove pepper, and garlic scallions.

There’s actually an attractive picnic spot onsite, so arrive by, gather up some snacks and feast them on this gorgeous berry farm!

Entry Fee:Seasonal Prices range
Address:3685 Orlando Ave, Mims, FL 32754

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8. Bekemeyer Family Farm

Bekemeyer Family Farm

Oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes, and strawberries are the title of the game at Bekemeyer Family Farm! And by the way, when speaking about this family farm, we want to highlight FAMILY!

Because rare Orlando orange groves are THIS family sociable!

With fruit washing places and hydroponic patches that permit guests to gather fruit without curving down, it’s no surprise.

Bekemeyer Family Farm has so numerous five-star reviewsFamilies also love that Bekemeyer Family Farm is allocation friendly too.

With no entry fee, all you own to worry about is the cost of the fruit you pick and time!

Entry Fee:Oranges are generally priced at $8 per ¼ bushel, and strawberries, are $6 per pound.
Address:1055 E Story Rd, Winter Garden, FL 34787

7. Southern Hill Farms

Southern Hill Farms

Operated by the third and fourth eras of family farmers, Southern Hill Farms aims to deliver high-quality fruit to present from their house to yours.

While their main squeeze is the blueberry and their refreshing blueberry lemonade, the farm also delivers peaches, sunflowers, and zinnias. The U-Pick blueberries are $5/lb, and one bucket choice holds up to 6 lbs.

With eight areas of blueberries, the farm’s fields close at 3 pm on weekdays and 4 pm on weekends. Concentrated on getting their society together.

The farm shows several outdoor areas for resting, farm buggy passages and meals trucks on the weekends, as well as mouthwatering treats like donuts and blueberry muffins. We suggest testing the blueberry cobbler—it’s lip-smacking good!

Entry Fee:Seasonal Fees range
Address:16651 Schofield Rd, Clermont, FL 34714

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6. Red Hill Groves

Red Hill Groves

Fresh fruit and hospitality. That’s what Red Hill Groves (Whites Farm) is understood for – and boy do they produce!

Two brothers and their father operate this household farm, and chances are you’ll encounter at least one of them on your household farm adventure.

And while Red Hill Groves is not the conventional orange picking adventure, as the newest navels have already been selected, guests leave here with a smile on their faces!

Because Red Hill Groves exits the orange gathering up the pros, you understand you’ll get the newest, most succulent citruses you can imagine

Plus, freshly pressed orange juice, home-boiled peanuts, and fall-off-the-bone ribs, which can be appreciated on-site, maintain the masses returning!

Entry Fee:Demand pricing is not posted, but the rest confirmed that Red Hill Groves still does their most reasonable to offer family-friendly pricing!
Address:7210 N Ronald Reagan Blvd, Sanford, FL 32773

5. Brook Hollow Farm

Brook Hollow Farm

With a record grown from love, nobody tastes sweeter than the produce at Brook Hollow Farm!

In 1966, Jeff Annis bought a land striped with orange groves, a gorgeous lake, and a bustling stream, from which his mother called the possessions “Brook Hollow.”

Now wedded and raising a family, the Annis family is determined to make their special farm an Orange Picking spot since there aren’t many places to pick strawberries in the West Orlando area.

Using standing hydroponic agriculture to increase their vegetables more intrinsically, the farm produces many kinds of fruits and vegetables seasonally.

Including four sorts of strawberries, thornless blackberries, tomatoes, spinach, zucchini, watermelon, cantaloupe, and so much additional! Analyze Orlando’s especially own hydroponic farm!

Entry Fee:Seasonal Fees vary
Address:8505 Silver Star Rd, Orlando, FL 32818

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4. Vo – LaSalle Farms

Vo – LaSalle Farms

“Secret Gems” is what Google analysts call Vo – LaSalle Farms. Not just do they offer a complimentary, joy hayride to bring to their orange selection settings, but you can choose veggies like potatoes and zucchinis too!

Families also pick this location for orange picking in Orlando because it’s kid-friendly with LOTS of opportunities for photo – ops!

So chuck on some overalls, hold your cameras, and set on to Vo – LaSalle Farms; you won’t regret the visit!

Entry Fee:Navel oranges are 1/4 bushel bag for $8 and 1/2 bushel for $14; veggies range from $1.75 to $2.50 per pound
Address:601 Johnson Lake Rd, De Leon Springs, FL 32130

3. Tom West Blueberries

Tom West Blueberries

Family-owned and managed since 1954, Tom West and his grandson determined they required a new farming plan after the greening disease that cleaned their orange groves.

It comes with the subtraction of the orange groves and the intro of blueberries! Since including the little violet fruit into their ranch, it presently boasts 10 acres of blueberry plants for visitors to choose around.

They open everyday period from 9 am to 5 pm. The ranch also offers tractor and ship rides for a little adventure after your appointment!

Entry Fee:Seasonal Fees vary
Address:324 East Orlando Avenue, Ocoee, FL 34761

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2. Oak Haven Farms & Winery

Oak HavenFarms Winery

Call a better duo than wine and strawberries—we’ll wait! Originally a strawberry farm in 1996, Oak Haven Farms & Winery now delivers regional fruit and grape wines produced directly from the plants at their farm.

Including their favored strawberry wine, blueberry wine, and strawberry blonde wine. Held and managed by Harry and Karen Staudernman and their daughter, the farm’s pick-your-own strawberry fields are a brilliant way to consume the day under the Florida sunshine!

Once you’ve plucked all your strawberries, refresh inside their country kitchen and try a glass of their original wine or strawberry milkshake! If you’re an enthusiast of all things lovely and strawberry, their strawberry milkshake is a pleasure you and your children will be craving for weeks after!

Entry Fee:Seasonal Prices vary
Address:32418 Avington Rd, Sorrento, FL 32776

1. Pappy’s Patch U – Pick Strawberries

Pappys Patch U – Pick Strawberries

Let’s take a little vacation from the orange selection in Orlando to tell you where you can get THE most natural u-pick strawberries in Orlando!

Pappy’s Patch is understood for their excellent prices and abundance of sweet, fresh berries! Fundamentally, What more could you desire?

Although there are circumstances where you can catch fresh citrus from them, they’re better understood for the infinite fields of strawberries!

Regular guests of Pappy’s Patch love the plenty of parking and berries and the absence of crowds.

Guests are welcome to take as many one-pound trays as they want to fill to the brim with berries! And with no entry or parking fee and berries being just $3 per pound, what better can you want?!

Entry Fee:Just $3 per pound for fresh strawberries every day between December and April!
Address:501 Florida Ave, Oviedo, FL 32765

Rating For Top 10 Orange Groves in Florida

Showcase of Citrus★★★★★
Meadors Blueberry Farm★★★★
Bekemeyer Family Farm★★★★
Southern Hill Farms★★★★
Red Hill Groves★★★★
Brook Hollow Farm★★★★
Vo – LaSalle Farms★★★★
Tom West Blueberries★★★
Oak Haven Farms & Winery★★★★
Pappy’s Patch U★★★★

Wrapping Up

We hope this blog post has persuaded you to go orange choosing in Florida. Not only are you supporting local farmers and the regional economy, but we swear you will have fun.

Please let us understand how your orange picking goes, and if you arrive across some more Orange Picking or hand-pick orange groves in Florida, please let us know down in the comment section.