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20 Best Things to Do in Lakeland, Florida

Lakeland is Florida’s largest city. It was founded in the 1870s, just ten years after the Polk County Region was established.

A rail line was constructed in the 1880s, allowing Lakeland to expand an additional 80 acres. This is what is now the downtown section of the city and here are the cheap things to do in Lakeland florida. You can find every things in Lakeland, Florida as well as things to do in Lakeland at night .

You can visit the theatre, historic promenade, museums, and the Hollis garden, which features over 10,000 Florida native flowers and plants. Some attractions might be temporarily closed. Hours/availability could have changed.

20. Polk Theatre

Polk Theatre

The Polk Theatre isn’t just a theatre. As it belongs to the US National Register of Historic Places. This theatre dates back to 1928. The venue boasts 1,400 seats and beautiful period features architecture lovers should pay attention to.
These include high balconies and a colorful Venetian Piazza.
Visitors are welcome to see a musical or theatrical performance. In addition, the Polk Theatre screens the latest films.
You can also enjoy independent and classic movie nights. This theatre runs entirely on donations and grants, is run by volunteers, and hosts many events throughout the year, including fundraisers. The Polk can be rented out for private functions, weddings, events, corporate functions, photo shoots, film screenings, or other special occasions. This place can be the best things to do in Lakeland, fl at night.

19. Circle B Bar Reserve

 Circle B Bar Reserve

Circle B Bar Reserve is an area southeast of Lakeland that has been restored to protect Lake Hancock’s floodplain. The Polk County Environmental Lands Program used the property to restore the Banana Creek marsh and completed many restoration projects on the site to regain its hydrologic function.
The land has been restored to its natural beauty and is now a popular destination for anyone who loves hiking, biking, or fishing on Lake Hancock. You can use the picnic areas, Nature Discovery Center, an impressive bird community of bald eagles (ospreys), waterfowl, and wading birds.

18. Lake Parker

Lake Parker

Lake Parker is located northeast of Lakeland and was named after Parker Streety, an eminent resident and pioneer.
Lake Parker is known for its calm and beautiful waters. It is also a favorite lake in Lakeland.
The lake is filled with fish such as crappie, bluegill, bass, and bluegill. You can also find picturesque trails around the area.
One of these trails skirts around the lakeside before heading to nearby Lake John. This is why it is named the Lake-to-Lake Trail.

17. Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille

Harrys Seafood Bar Grille

Greg and Louis Saig started Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille with a small raw bar menu and about twenty stools. Two Louisianan men were the inspiration for the first items on the menu.

The bold flavors and unusual ingredients impacted the menu development, which can still be found on the current menu.

Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille’s menu includes “Bourbon Street Favorites” and a selection of starters, soups & salads, signature dishes, such as the Crab Crusted Redfish Royale, chicken dishes, steak, and other seafood.

16. Explorations V Children’s Museum

Explorations V Childrens Museum

Explorations V Children’s Museum is the perfect museum for families traveling to Lakeland. It’s a fun museum dedicated to education through active play and exploration.
Museum’s core concept is five senses.

The museum uses a V to signify the number five. The museum is organized according to different themes, such as music and space.
This is the right place for an educational and fun day with younger visitors. Can one of the kid things to do in Lakeland florida.

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15. Polk Museum of Art

Polk Museum of Art

The Polk Museum of Art is the foremost nationally accredited visual arts organization within the Polk County Region. The museum, a Smithsonian affiliate, serves a wide variety of communities in the Polk region and emphasizes history, science, and art.

The museum’s collection includes more than 2,500 pieces of art. This includes famous artists like Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso. Galas, receptions, and art crawls are some of the many events the museum hosts.

14. Saddle Creek Park

Saddle Creek Park

Saddle Creek is one of the most popular parks in the region. It has many suitable facilities for all ages, including families and children.

Saddle Creek has many things to see around Lakeland florida. Whether you are looking for target practice, a place to play sports, or a place to picnic, there is something for everyone. can best outdoor activities in Lakeland, fl you can enjoy with your family and friends.

There are two main trails for hiking. The Nature trail is 1.2 miles long, and the Tenoroc Trail has two sections. Both trails are open to dogs, but motorized cars are prohibited. It costs $3 to enter the Tenoroc trail. Both portions take just over an hour. You can also fish, boat, or camp if hiking isn’t your thing.

13. Safari Wilderness Ranch

Safari Wilderness Ranch

Safari Wilderness Ranch is where visitors can experience nature in its natural habitat. Exotic herds roam over 260 acres of unspoiled wilderness. So everyone can have a wonderful time, all safari vehicles come with shade canopies.

Visitors can choose the adventure they wish to participate in from safari vehicles or camelback.
Safari Wilderness Ranch boasts a wide range of exotic species, including ring-tailed Lemurs, African Watusi, and Irish Dexter Cattle.

Because the ranch is concerned about conserving the watershed, it restricts the number of visitors allowed. Participate in an educational trip that will help you learn more about Florida’s natural heritage.

12. Holloway Park

Holloway Park

Holloway Park is located on 250 acres out of the total 330 acres. This land was previously used primarily for phosphate before becoming a park that aims to conserve the land. These can be your unique things to do in Lakeland, fl.

There are many adventures in the park for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. Jogging, hiking, and photography are some of the most popular activities. Guided tours are offered regularly.

You can do your self-guided tour and take advantage of the facilities on the property. It can accommodate between 1200 and 1,500 cars. Large outdoor events such as cross-country meets or cross-country runs are possible in the park.

11. Colt Creek State Park

Colt Creek State Park

Colt Creek State Park offers over twelve miles worth of beautiful multi-use trails. These trails can be utilized for biking, hiking, as well as horseback riding. A perfect things to do Lakeland this weekend.

You will travel through cypress domes, open pastures, and the flat pine forests that make up most of the forest. You will see bobcats (white-tailed deer), otters, bald eagles, and Bluebirds.

Many birds and butterflies can be seen in the area, with 150 bird species and 79 butterfly species. Three lakes offer fishing throughout the day. Six fish species are available: bluegill, sunshine bass, shell-cracker, and catfish. You can also reserve primitive camping areas for groups, but you must make a reservation.

10. Shady Oak Farm

Shady Oak Farm

Shady Oak Farm strives to offer a safe place for families to pick fresh strawberries in a comfortable environment. Shady Oak Farm offers farm classes that allow people to learn more about where their food comes from.

You can pick from five different blueberry varieties, including jewels (gulf coast), sharp blue (spring high), and jewels (gulf coast).

Blueberries are not the only thing available at the farm. The farm also sells a variety of vegetables, including potatoes, cabbage, onions and squash, carrots, sugar cane and other fruits such as strawberries.

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9. Fantasy of Flight

Fantasy of Flight

The fantasy of Flight is Lakeland will appeal to aviation enthusiasts who enjoy learning about the history of flying and the Second World Wars.

It was established in 1980. The attraction houses the largest collection of private planes in the world.

You can also see aerial displays, and most of Fantasy of Flight’s items are still in flying shape.
A seaplane runway is also available for you to get a taster of the various available types of aircraft.

If you love planes, this is one of the best places to visit on your trip to Lakeland.

8. Tenoroc Fish Management

Tenoroc Fish Management

Tenoroc Fish Management Area manages the wildlife at Tenoroc Lake and helps it thrive. Management is essential for conserving species, maintaining habitats, monitoring and surveying the lake and species, and educating visitors to Tenoroc Lake.

The management also sets the rules and seasons for fishing and hunting in the area.
Sporting opportunities allow avid anglers, wildlife observers, and nature enthusiasts to pursue their interests without harming the existing ecosystem.

The Florida Wildlife Management Area System is responsible for 5.8 million acres.

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7. Hollis Gardens

Hollis Gardens

Hollis Gardens is a delightful spot to spend an afternoon at Lakeland. It is located close to the downtown area, making it a convenient attraction in the middle of the city.

This garden boasts more than 10,000 flowers and picturesque fountains. It also offers stunning views of nearby Lake Mirror.

Hollis Gardens has many key features, including beautiful rose gardens and a butterfly path. It also boasts amazing architectural touches, such as a grand staircase.

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6. Lake Morton Historic District

Lake Morton Historic District

Residents have a unique opportunity to live in the Lake Morton Historic District. They are located in the east and south parts of Lake Morton and just north and west of Lake Hollingsworth.

Living here is a wonderful experience because of the historic elements and architectural integrity built into these homes.

These neighborhoods were developed mainly in the 1920s, though construction began around 1906.

Beautiful views of rolling hills, gentle shorelines, and stunning vistas are some of the highlights of these neighborhoods, which you won’t see very often in Florida.

5. Munn Park Historic District

Munn Park Historic District is named after Abraham Munn, who founded the city.
Munn Park, as well as 48 historical buildings, are found within the historic district.

Munn Park was established to be a monument to Confederate States of America soldiers. There are several statues and memorial plaques throughout the park in their honor.
Another area of interest is the Old Coca-Cola Building and Old City Hall.

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4. Gator Creek Reserve

Gator Creek Reserve

Gator Creek Reserve, one of the most well-known hiking areas in Polk County, allows visitors to explore Green Swamp’s edge via a series of trail loops that include one paved trail. It is hidden gem in Lakeland, fl.

Some marshes have hardwood forests, cypress swamps, and slightly elevated areas within the reserve. Gator Creek Reserve is approximately 2,700 acres.

It offers both short and longer walks through many different habitats. Local visitors love biking along the trails. The reserve also has a large covered picnic area that can be used on a first-come, first-serve basis.

3. Lake Tenoroc

Lake Tenoroc

Lake Tenoroc can be found two miles northeast of Lakeland. It is known as the gateway to Florida’s Great Florida Birding Trail. can be the perfect thing to do in Lakeland fl this weekend.

It offers amazing bird-watching opportunities. You can witness wading birds as pleasingly as waterfowl and raptors. Songbirds stop by the lake in their migration periods.

It is also a popular spot for bass fishing. This can be done by fly-fishing and bank fishing as well as via fishing teams.

Fishing is the main attraction for visitors looking to enjoy recreational activities. But there are also many wildlife viewing options, hiking, and horseback riding options. There are also shooting ranges, as well as canoeing and kayak paddling.

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2. Family Fun Centre

Family Fun Centre

Family Fun Center, Lakeland, Florida, is a popular spot for entertainment and fun with family members. Adventure Golf is the 18-hole miniature golf course at the center.

This course features beautiful landscaping and challenging terrain. Vault Assault Laser Maze Challenge, Family Fun Center, challenges players to balance and jump through the “lasers” to move across the room.

Urban Attack Laser Tag offers more than 220 square feet of space for laser tag.

1. Highlands Scrub

Highlands Scrub

Lakeland Highlands scrub covers more than 575 acres and is a conservation area in Florida’s Polk County. It is located in south Lakeland.

This area contains one of Lakeland Ridge’s largest undeveloped scrub properties. It is part of several.

You will find several longer multi-use trails through the Lakeland Highlands Scrub. They cross basin swamp, pine Flatwoods, open prairie, and marshlands.

Parking areas, restrooms, and two covered picnic pavilions are just a few amenities available to visitors.


What is Lakeland Florida best known for?

Lakeland is known as the largest city in Polk Country it has many architecture and colledges

Is there a lot to do in Lakeland Florida?

Yeah there are many places to do fun in Lakeland Florida Like Springs, Safari Wilderness, And Reserves

What beach is close to Lakeland FL?

There are plenty of Beaches near Lakeland Florida Like Playalinda Beach, St.Pete Beach and Beer Can Island

What is around Lakeland FL?

Lakeland is the home of Florida Southern College it also has a downtown Historic and Antique District

How far is Lakeland from Disney World?

It is about 42 miles From Lakeland To Disney World

What is Lakeland Florida best known for?

For its Colledge and Antique District

What beach is close to Lakeland FL?

Playalinda Beach, St.Pete Beach, and Beer Can Island

Is there a lot to do in Lakeland Florida?

Yes there are a lot of things to do in Lakeland Florida

What are the most popular things to do in Lakeland with kids?

You can visit Circle B Bar reserve with your kids and Hollis Garden

What are the top attractions to visit in Lakeland?

The top attraction in Lakeland is Polk Theatre, Lake Parker, and Lakeland Center

Dog-friendly things to do in Lakeland florida

Take a Loop Around Lake Hollingsworth You can also Visit Downtown Lakeland with your dog