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10 Best Natural Springs Near Tampa You Must Visit

Best Natural Springs Near Tampa – Relishing classic summer fun has been questioning this year this past year, with little entry to our favorite movements.

Luckily, the Tampa Bay region is residence to natural Florida leaps where the surplus of fine, pure, outdoor pleasure awaits.

The water’s temperature never reaches beyond a crisp, stimulating 72 degrees, and via that crystal clear water

You can visit whole ecosystems flourishing: marine plants, stunning rock buildings, and nature-like manatees and turtles.

These freshwater springs around Tampa present something for every tourist out there, so you are hooked to have an excellent time!

Even though the area is loaded with travelers vowing for the seashores, it is period for us to share the best Florida springs around Tampa.

These amazing, less populated areas are the undercover jewels of Florida. The Sunshine State is one of the most decorated with seasides, springs, nature, oak woods, etc

. This summer, it’s the duration for you to reach into the car and analyze the most appropriate untouched springs around Tampa, where the entire fun shelves are for you!

Here is a checklist of the most beautiful springs near Tampa Florida.

10. Rainbow Springs

Rainbow Springs

It was formerly comprehended as Blue Springs. Visitors mostly herd to this site as it is considered as one of the inherently sacred springs near Tampa.

The extensive area for swimming is loaded with smallish limestones and white sand. Considerable manage these gorgeous stones as a souvenir from one of the most suitable springs around Tampa.

Hiking is also famous and the trek via the beautiful unnatural waterfalls is a must. Visitors can glide but only from 8 am to sunset time; this is limited during thunderstorms or additional bad climate circumstances.

Details for Rainbow Springs near Tampa:-

Address Of Rainbow Springs: 19158 SW 81st PI Rd, Dunnellon.
Distance Of Rainbow Springs: Around Thirty-six Min from Tampa
Expense Of Rainbow Springs: Entrance fee of Two Dollar

Tips: Safety is very tough with litter. If one is detected disposing of trash, they shall be fined directly; visitors must be mindful to dispose of their trash in trash cans.

9. Alexander Springs

Alexander Springs

It is one of the most entertaining springs in Tampa, shaped in the formation of a pool. The whole place is beautifully covered by woodlands of maples, sweetgum, and cabbage palms.

This site is touted as the most suitable swimming spring around Tampa. The blue-green spring waters are constantly supplied with experts enjoying photography on the crystal floor.

Recreational exercises like camping, canoeing, scuba diving, hiking, and birding are appreciated by the visitors. The most suitable season to see this site, according to residents is bound, but it stays most occupied during summers.

The crystal clear water of this spring remains at a steady 72-degree temperature. It is a dog-friendly spring around the Tampa site, but your four-legged buddies must be held on a 6-foot leash.

Details for Alexander Springs near Tampa:-

Address Of Alexander Springs: CR445 in the northeast intersection of Lake County.
Distance Of Alexander Springs: About 2 hours from Tampa
Expense Of Alexander Springs: The entry fee is required six dollars for a tent camp and twenty-dollar for a nighttime stay

Tips: One must be especially cautious of the raccoons, bears, and alligators which stay in the heavy woods. Kids must be held cautious around the woods.

8. Silver Glen Springs

Silver Glen Springs

This area remains one of those springs around Tampa, which is the major appeal of Silver Glen Springs Recreation Area of Ocala National forest. This spring lies at the border of the Big Scrub, alongside Ocala National Forest.

This is one of those freshwater springs around Tampa Florida, whose water streams straight into Lake George. Picnic areas and camping sites are saturated with visitors, particularly during the summers. Bikes and pets are not allowed in the region.

One can relish kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and snorkeling in this gentle spring. In the Entertainment area, swimming can be relished but ships are not permitted in the covered province. Many cottages are also supplied for those visitors who like to spend the night time.

Details for Silver Glen Springs near Tampa:-

Address Of Silver Glen Springs: 5217 FL-19, Salt Springs, FL 32134
Distance Of Silver Glen Springs: About 2 Hours and 15 Min
Expense Of Silver Glen Springs: entry-amount about 6-dollar

Tips: Visitors should never ignore the stunning and incredible oasis in the center of the woods.

7. Juniper Springs: Best Natural Springs in Tampa

Juniper Springs: Best Natural Springs in Tampa

This spring is situated in the Ocala National Forest, east of Ocala, Florida. The stunning blue waters of the springs complete one of the Visitors get the possibility to kayak in the multiple available springs in Tampa to kayak.

Gators and turtles might be witnessed broadly in this location, and small fish at times energy nip your feet in the spring waters. Flora life is in the glorious hues of raw green; palms, oaks, cypress, and wild blackberry shrubs, can even be noticed.

One control is to create certain that they do not have any removal bags in the area. Security maintains a tight check and it is important to maintain one of the multiple gorgeous springs in Tampa.

Snorkeling and swimming are also qualified and the Juniper Springs Millhouse yields refreshed pristine vibrancy for the spring. The campground is extremely famous among tourists with multiple shaded areas to maintain the warm sunshine.

Details for Juniper Springs near Tampa:-

Address Of Juniper Springs: 26701 Highway 40 Ocala National Forest, Silver Spring.
Distance Of Juniper Springs: 2 Hours and 5 -Min from Tampa
Expense Of Juniper Springs: An entrance fee of six dollars needed

Tips: Never forget the Juniper Run in Juniper springs, which is an excellent paddling adventure. A tour of the Fern Hammock Springs is admiringly advised for all visitors.

6. Homosassa Springs

Homosassa Springs

It is one of the springs near Tampa, which is very well-known for its gorgeous picnic spots since the 1900s. Captive creatures like alligators, Key deer, flamingos, and black bears, always discover a place here.

Homosassa Springs stay one of the most lovely untamed springs near Tampa, which strives at guarding the animals of nature.

Even though swimming is not authorized at Homosassa Springs, the cool moisture has been drawing many visitors because it is loaded with nature. Fresh and saltwater fish stay in the untamed spring and grow their looks.

One can also go hiking along the tracks, birding, and wildlife viewing here. Guides are open for a more suitable version of the history of this site. River safari incidents are also available for visitors.

Details for Homosassa Springs near Tampa:-

Address Of Homosassa Springs: 4150 S.Suncoast Blvd
Distance Of Homosassa Springs: One Hour From Tampa
Expense Of Homosassa Springs: About Thirteen Dollar

Tips: If one is visiting from January to March, they should appreciate watching the Florida manatees which glide through the river during this period.

5. Ichetucknee Springs

Ichetucknee Springs

You will discover an abundance of natural springs in this state. Ichetucknee Springs is such a pleasure for wildlife enthusiasts and vows a weekend escape in the cooling nature spring waters of Ichetucknee.

Believed to be one of the wonderful springs in Tampa, the waters are nicely enjoyed by canoeing or kayaking. It is Florida’s best spring around Tampa to kayak and paddle.

It bears about two hours to swim down and a shuttle will be equipped to help one get to the parking area. An area of interest throughout the whole year stays the Snorkel Blue Hole, which has a steady 72 degrees Fahrenheit, all year.

The entire area is loaded with the natural sounds of creatures like turtles, birds, beaver, and wood ducks. Ichetucknee Siltsnail, Santa Fe Cave Crayfish, and attractive species of butterflies can also be located.

Tourists can even discover park woods loaded with vegetation of longleaf pines if they track the trail.

Details for Ichetucknee Springs near Tampa:-

Address Of Ichetucknee Springs: 12087 S.W. U.S. Highway 27 Fort White FL 32038.
Distance Of Ichetucknee Springs: Approximately Thirty Min
Expense Of Ichetucknee Springs: The entrance Fee is around 6 Dollar

Tips: While paddling, one must take the north entry towards the south of Ichetucknee River. If kids are attending, life jackets are a must for them. Keys and smartphones must consistently stay water-proof. Tobacco and liquor are prohibited in the zone.

4. Wekiwa Springs

Wekiwa Springs

Located only 97 miles northeast of downtown TampaThis entire area is a diverse area enhanced with lovely plants and wildlife; one of the finest springs in Tampa for camping.

This is a piece of the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford, Florida Metropolitan Statistical region. This spring is an unincorporated place in Seminole County, Florida.

Visitors are seduced by a lot of wildlife and it is one of the numerous famous springs in Tampa, during the summer season.

One can float in the stunning freshwater spring, as it is very agreeably known in the area as the most suitable swimming spring near Tampa.

The bound water is very stimulating and open to all tourists. The invariant temperature of the water is 74 degrees, which can be extremely relaxing on a sizzling summer’s day.

More exhilarating adventures like birding, camping, bicycling, picnics, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, etc. are unrestricted for the guests.

Kayakers can swim along the Wekiwa River and Rock Springs Run. It is a wonderful chance to rest in a naturally attractive location, preserved exactly to deliver amazing interests.

Details for Wekiwa Springs near Tampa:-

Address Of Wekiwa Springs: 1800 Wekiwa Cir. Apopka FL 32712
Distance Of Wekiwa Springs: It Takes Approximately One Hour and Fifty Min
Expense Of Wekiwa Springs: Entry fees are 6 dollar

Tips: Gators are known to cover the waters, so one must be conscious if they are floating in the Wekiwa River. Visitors must be mindful to not fetch liquor to the spring, or else they will be fined.

3. Fanning Springs

Fanning Springs

It is one of the multiple blue-green-colored springs near Tampa, with antique oaks counting to its attractiveness. This freshwater spring has been drawing numerous tourists, for all seasons.

Not only Fanning Springs is renowned for living in one of the numerous famous springs near Tampa, but it is also making 65 million gallons of water every day, creating it a second-magnitude spring.

Visitors can appreciate the magnificent live oaks and hold picnics with their kids in this stunning view. Numerous animals can even be witnessed across the park-like white-tailed deer, gray squirrels, barred owls, etc.

There are multiple adventure sports open like the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail authorizes you to paddle via the River of Springs, scuba diving is even permitted at Fanning Springs for aquatic fun.

Details for Fanning Springs near Tampa:-

Address Of Fanning Springs: 18020 N.W. Highway 19.
Distance Of Fanning Springs: It gets up to Two Hour And Twenty-one min from Tampa
Expense Of Fanning Springs: Access for 6 dollar

Tips: One can decide to visit the Fanning Spring Community Church nearby.

2. Silver Springs: Best Springs Near Tampa

Silver Springs: Best Springs Near Tampa

One of America’s most extensive springs with stunning and crystal clear wetness It has been a landmark for visitors exploring the most acceptable wild springs near the Tampa area, since the 1870s.

Silver River, a 4.5-mile streamlet that sails east from the springs to the Ocklawaha River, is trimmed with gorgeous and covered banks along with wild wilderness compliments to its looks. The total area is approximately 4,000 acres and has surrounding sandhill woods.

Numerous recreational movements may also be seen like hiking, camping, swimming across the lovely river, a trip to the showroom, etc. It is one of the most suitable springs near Tampa to kayak.

One can bring their kayak or rent it at the place. Superior glass bottom boats are even available to have a peek into the aquatic world.

Details for Silver Springs near Tampa:-

Address Of Silver Springs: 1425 N.E. 58th Avenue. Ocala FL 34470
Distance Of Silver Springs: It Brings One Hour and Thirty-nine min
Expense Of Silver Springs: Entry costs are almost a six-eight dollar

Tips: One must be very conscious of surroundings because this area is home to wildlife.

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1. Weeki Wachee Springs

Weeki Wachee Springs

It is a wildlife lover’s pleasure and is especially renowned for its iconic mermaid performance. They portray the aquamarine water that flows from a first-magnitude jump.

The entire site is in lovely hues of blue and green. It has also been found as the most in-depth known freshwater shelter design in the United States.

It is understood as one of the most acceptable springs around Tampa and an ideal place to yield yourself in the lap of qualities.

Yacht sails and the amazing chance to float in the transparent waters at Buccaneer Bay. Weeki Wachee Springs also supplies you with a chance to meet your adventurous ambitions.

Kayak and paddleboard rental buildings are open at the Weeki Wachee State Park ( compunctions control to be created once to avail of this building).

Swimming is not allowed in the mainspring. Best in the specified swimming spot at Buc Bay, one can relish swimming. Minors under the age of 13 must be escorted by grown-ups at all times.

Details for Weeki Wachee Springs near Tampa:-

Address Of Weeki Wachee Springs: S.R.50 and Hwy 19 and lies 2 hours west of Orlando.
Distance Of Weeki Wachee Springs: It Takes about One Hour From Tampa
Expense Of Weeki Wachee Springs: About Thirteen Dollar

Tips: Never skip the well-known mermaid performances and while out kayaking with juniors, use appropriate safety equipment.


All of the above-mentioned attractive springs around Tampa are well-known tourist areas. These inherently decorated springs, covered by lush woods and thrilling wildlife, create more of a compelling experience. Actually, though the Florida seasides are very well-known the springs in Florida around Tampa, have a modest attractiveness of their own.

Tourists flock to these blue-green untouched springs, particularly in summer, with their kids. Most of these incredible springs roughly Tampa are quick drives, which pushes it an excellent weekend escape from the feverish programs of life.

There is a combination of appeals, in these bounds, and you can select any one of them, for your day off. This checklist of the best natural springs near Tampa will arrive as a gift from the typical Florida heat. The fresh, calm waters of the springs are the ideal option for a burning summer day. Conditioning is also supplied in many at these places, which one can appreciate. Wildlife, and water sports, covered by gorgeous waters are your possibility at the ideal summer break!