10+ Best Breweries in Tampa (Must Try)

Breweries in Tampa – Tampa is among the most exciting and distinctive beer scenes in America. An incubator and hotbed for new trends and styles, Beer lovers in Tampa are spoilt by the numerous brewery brands.

Tampa has it all with world-class IPA, delicious pastry stouts, and various unique sours. One of the most appealing aspects of the Tampa Bay zone is the abundance of craft breweries.

More than a quarter of the state’s 400+ Breweries are located within a few minutes (or even a walk) of downtown Tampa and also on the Tampa breweries map.

10 Best Breweries In Tampa You Must Visit

Here are the 10 Best Breweries In Tampa, Florida You Must Visit now!

10. Angry Chair Brewing

Angry Chair Brewing
Angry Chair Brewing

One brewery located in Tampa can be Angry Chair Brewing. I’ve visited the brewery several times and can’t seem to get enough. They have a wide selection of beers but specialize in hoppy IPAs, lactose-based sours, and dark stouts.

Angry Chair Brewing has prepared a fanatic base over the years. They often have lines around their tiny brewhouse to showcase the most recent releases.

One of the favorite series is the Puff beers, which are slightly sweet Berliner-Weiss beers with an aroma of marshmallows.

The taproom is tiny and is decorated with attractive-looking stool designs that are in line with the brand’s name.

Nevertheless, it would be sufficient if you stayed to participate in the unique craft beer they’re creating. No issue what your type of beer there is something to appreciate here!

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9. Cigar City Brewing

 Cigar City Brewing
Cigar City Brewing

The most well-known and prolific craft brewery Cigar City – Is an American landmark. They’ve been making excellent beers and ales since the year 2009.

The Cigar City Brewing brand is known worldwide for its impeccable standard of quality. Cigar City nails every design they create. Jai Alai IPA is routinely called one of the world’s top IPAs.

We’re sure to include it on our top ten list. A unique malt flavor balances the sour, bitter, and citrusy hoppiness. Even though it has 7.5 percent ABV, Jai Alai is highly refreshing in the scorching Florida sunshine.

On the dark flank, Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout was one of the foremost pastry stouts. Brewed with vanilla, cinnamon, cacao nibs, cacao powder, and chile peppers,

Cigar City was among the first adopters of large sticky, sweet, and flavored stains. They’ve served as a model for the thousands of Florida stout brewers that have followed.

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8. Magnanimous Brewing

Magnanimous Brewing
Magnanimous Brewing

The latest addition to this top brewery in Tampa listing is Magnanimous Brewing, located at the city’s highest point. This brewery serves fantastic beer of different styles and Ginger Beard Coffee.

Due to this, the brewery is open from 7 am every day, except for Sunday! The IPA is delicious and distinctive, particularly thanks to its hops and the flavors of All That Remains.

They produce a variety of darker beers, such as aged Imperial Stouts. There are usually a couple of lighter beers if you’re looking for something lighter.

The taproom has outdoor and indoor seating and an informal atmosphere perfect for escaping the sun and enjoying a refreshing beer.

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7. Cycle Brewing

Cycle Brewing
Cycle Brewing

There are few beer breweries worldwide with the same quality as Cycle. The seemingly ordinary and routine tasting room leads to their typical brewery.

Awe-inspiring lines of barrels made from oak, typical of modern breweries, are on display. However, at Cycle, the beer in the barrels is liquid gold.

Cycle’s imperial stouts aged in barrels are sought-after by beer lovers. They’re incredibly flavorful, smooth distinct, complex, and distinctive.

Apart from sweet, sticky Stouts that are sweet and sticky, Cycle has a variety of intriguing beers that they make at the St. Petersburg brewery and tasting room.

You can cool down by sipping their Crank IPA, exclusively hopped by exotic Citra hops. After you’ve settled, enjoy one of the famous Stouts.

Rare DOS is one of the tops. Simple sufficient Imperial Stout aged in whiskey barrels, it’s rich, warm, and calming.

6. Hidden Springs Ale Works

Hidden Springs Ale Works
Hidden Springs Ale Works

Another of my favorite brewery to purchase containers at can be Hidden Springs Ale Works. I keep looking at their new releases on Instagram and constantly looking for them here.

You will love Hidden Springs behind testing Bear Lasers, an excellent hop-forward IPA, and you will also appreciate an espresso vanilla Sour beer.

The tap room was smaller than I anticipated and I was disappointed to see a lot of new releases quickly go out of the tap.

However, the songs I’ve attempted to do blue me away, especially those from Never Nude (pun intended for Arrested Development fans).

The selection was limited, with just 13 tap beers. The selection was broken down into six IPAs, five wheat ales, five sours, and a Stout.

If you like classic beers, You won’t find many here. However, the variety changes constantly, and you may be amazed. Hidden Springs has taken off over the last year, and I hope for more great items from this Tampa brewery.

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5. Green Bench Brewing Company

Green Bench Brewing Company
Green Bench Brewing Company

It appears Green Bench Brewing Company has brewed almost every kind of beer. In most cases, their beers are top-quality regardless of genre.

The St. Petersburg hot spot is consistent and precise, from folder-aged sour ale, crisp lagers, and even hazy IPA.

The taproom is beautiful and allows you to experience its wide selection of craft-brewed brews. Green Bench is a must-visit while you are in Tampa. Tampa Area.

Bench Life Bench Life, a 4.6 percent ABV American Light Lager, is a crisp and refreshing approach to an often criticized style. Clear, pale yellow.

The body is smooth and thirst-quenching due to the flaked corn used. Herbaceous hops subtly remind you that you’re drinking a craft beer without hindering the perfect drinking experience.

4. Zydeco Brew Werks

Zydeco Brew Werks
Zydeco Brew Werks

In Ybor City, Zydeco Brew Werks is a Ybor City-based brewery with an authentic New Orleans-style atmosphere that you won’t find in the world.

If you’re searching for the top breweries in Tampa that also offer nightlife, this is the place! With two stories of bars and restaurants, the brewery is like an escape into The Big Easy on weekends.

This list of taps is among the most diverse around and offers lighter options than different breweries.

This includes Pilsners, lagers, and Kolsch. Although the IPAs might be more useful than the other beers on this list, you can find some fascinating ones, such as the golden ale made with wild yeast.

Apart from beer, there are drinks, wine, and a full food menu! You can go to Zydeco as a beer brewery or an eatery. You’re looking ahead to a lively atmosphere and an unforgettable experience as it is one of the breweries in Tampa with food.

3. 7venth Sun Brewery

7venth Sun Brewery
7venth Sun Brewery

Two locations are in operation: a production brewery in Tampa and its cozy first location in Dunedin. The Dunedin location of 7venth Sun can be described as a cutting-edge craft beer staple in Tampa Bay.

They focus on refreshing beers as their modus operating procedure; however, they still need to compromise on the flavor.

The IPAs and hoppy ales are all loaded with juicy and sour hops. Sours ranging from speedy as well as delicious Berliner Weisse to oak-aged complex wild ales – are skillfully produced as well.

To enjoy one of the refreshing summer beverages (or any other time of the year when there’s Florida), try Graffiti Orange. It’s a wheat-based beer with lactose, vanilla, and orange peel beans. The Creamsicle style ale has a refreshing, nostalgic, and delicious flavor as the best breweries in Tampa bay.

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2. Coppertail Brewing Company

Coppertail Brewing Company
Coppertail Brewing Company

Crafting within the Ybor neighborhood since 2014, Coppertail beers are meticulously produced. The selection includes IPAs, stouts to sours, and is delicious, well crafted, and well-crafted.

Unholy is among the finest American-brewed Tripels. The distinct Belgian yeast flavor blends seamlessly with the heavy touch of sour American hops.

They can move the traditional style towards IPA levels of hoppiness without compromising the Belgian yeast’s complex nature.

The delicateness characteristic of Tripel style is maintained, and the balance is refreshing and distinctive.

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1. Rapp Brewing Company

Rapp Brewing Company
Rapp Brewing Company

Rapp Brewing Company is a wildly diverse microbrewery in Seminole. With more than 20 taps available, There’s always something new to taste. Locals are enthralled by the variety of American, European, and Floridian styles.

With a small-scale presentation and a desire for exploration, Rapp has brewed some excellent music in their eight years of presence.

They often deliver obscure techniques, such as their deliciously smoky, sour Lichtenhainer. Rapp nails it in nearly every collection when they attach to straightforward, like their wonderful Hefeweizen.

Tampa Breweries Map

Tampa Breweries Map
Tampa Breweries Map

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