Best Things to Do in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida

Indian Harbour Beach is a tiny town of about 8000 people in Brevard County, Florida. Although it’s part of a larger metropolitan area that includes Palm Bay, Melbourne, and Titusville, it is situated at the southeastern end of a small barrier island full of beautiful natural and stunning green areas.

It is perfect for those who enjoy escaping the crowds and enjoying a wide range of outdoor activities while staying within the fun activities of a larger city. This is why it’s periodically named “Florida’s Most Beautiful Little City.”

Indian Harbour Beach has a relatively fine climate all through the time. It is also one of the most stunning beaches in the area. There are numerous chances to take part in water activities.

There are also various amazing shopping spots, including Melbourne Square Mall, Cocoa Beach Pier, Harbour Place Shopping Centre, and Oceanside Estate Jewelry.

Here are the Top 16 activities at Indian Harbour Beach, Florida.

16. Gleason Park

Gleason Park

The park is pet-friendly and has paths that are paved and well-placed gazebos. Our most recent adventure involves the white duck who has turned a hat on your dog. We follow him across the lake.

It’s not at all scary. It’s just fun. Don’t forget to explore the area between the rec center and the swimming pool area. It is a wonderful spot to watch the tortoises.

15. Instruction in Surfing and Paddleboarding

Instruction in Surfing and Paddleboarding

Have you ever felt as if you’re on the same level as the ocean? Swimming is a great option. However, there’s no other way better to experience as if you’re connected to the sea than to step onto a board and then surf for a few minutes back to the shore.

It could take a while to master doing it, but the excitement you experience when you stand up on the board first and then ride the waves towards shore is worth the effort.

Are you not ready to take on the rough water? Paddleboarding is an incredibly new water sport that’s growing in popularity for people of all ages.

The Adventure Surf lessons and paddleboarding close by Satellite Beach provide beginner surfing sessions and paddleboard tours to places that allow you to view manatees and dolphins in their natural environment.

14. Pelican Beach Park

Pelican Beach Park

This is an extremely famous place for surfers, beach lovers and families. The effects of Hurricane Irma are still visible because sea levers are high, and the turbulence in the ocean is very rough.

The park has been well-maintained and welcoming to families. Police patrols occasionally, but like other beach areas across the Atlantic seaboard, do not leave your valuables in your vehicle.

13. McLarty Treasure Museum

McLarty Treasure Museum

Treasure hunters are searching for the remains of the 11 Spanish ships that fell in a violent weather storm near the coastline in Florida in 1715. The silver, gold, and copper treasures they carried to Spain were also the main part of the hunt.

The McLarty Treasure Museum, situated on Orchid Island, features an assortment of exhibits that showcase the rich history of the treasure ship, as well as replicas and artefacts. A viewing deck that looks out towards the ocean is on the premises.

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12. Monkey Bar & Grille

Monkey Bar & Grille

Although it appears unassuming on the exterior, this spot is huge inside! Great decor, friendly staff who will remember what you drink, and one of the most delicious pizzas I’ve enjoyed.

I like going to the bar during the day because there are pool tables, and the kids are always welcomed. The food is excellent; however, the pizza has to be a must-have.

If you’re going late into the nighttime (10 pm) on a Thursday or Saturday, it’s crowded. Excellent DJs. A few of the bands I love, others I’ve never heard of. It depends on the style. It’s always a good time.

11. Manatee and Dolphin Tour

Manatee and Dolphin Tour

An excursion by the sea is a rite of passage for all visitors to Florida or Indian Harbour Beach, and there are a variety of water activities that you can choose from. The most well-known can be the Manatee and Dolphin Tour.

Kayak with a knowledgeable guide along the Indian River into the warm water of a peaceful lagoon, where you can observe the playful dolphins. The friendly manatees follow and can be seen reclining along the river’s shores. They provide the main attraction of the tour due to their adorable actions.

You don’t have to bother approaching them since they’ll make their way to the sides of your kayak. Guides know their behavior and environment and will tell you all you need to know about these fascinating animals.

10. Wickham Park

People who visit the Indian Harbour Beach area can make a quick trip to Melbourne and then spend the whole day enjoying the various facilities available in Wickham Park.

Archery, horseback riding, dog park hiking trails that wind through natural areas, picnic areas, sports fields, and a playground for children. Disc golf facilities, as well as natural swimming pools, are just a few of the facilities offered. You can even camp for the night in the park.

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9. Cape Canaveral Inshore Fishing

Cape Canaveral Inshore Fishing

You can take a four-hour tour from Cape Canaveral into the Indian River, where the largest fish are. On the way, stop at numerous important fishing spots such as Ponce de Leon Inlet, New Smyrna Beach, and the waters off Merritt Island.

The fish species that you can reel in are fish like sea trout and black drum, mangrove snapper, redfish and Snook. Before you start casting your line, get expert advice from your guide. They can help you discover the ideal spot to capture the perfect shot of your catch.

8. Museum of the Liberty Bell & Memorial Museum

Museum of the Liberty Bell & Memorial Museum

It is located within located in the Wells Park area of Melbourne. The Liberty Bell Memorial Museum pays the nation’s commitment to education and lifelong learning. The museum’s main exhibit includes The Rotunda of American History with the timeline of important historical events shaping the nation’s history.

The exhibits feature historical documents and exhibits on Florida’s past historic artifacts and, of course, the Liberty Bell Replica.

The other part of the museum’s second section can be found in Freedom Hall, which is an honor to the nation’s army and the wars the soldiers and women participated in. Awards, photos, and artifacts such as uniforms and weapons are all displayed.

7. Andretti Thrill Park

Andretti Thrill Park

Fun for the entire family can be found for all ages at Andretti Thrill Park in Melbourne. You can enjoy Go-kart tracks as well as miniature golf and a rock wall. There are also play areas with Laser tag, batting cages, and a paddle boat.

Visitors can also take an excursion on the train and visit the largest arcade in the city with 150 new games, with the possibility of being the winner of prizes. Andretti Snacks offers a wide range of snack options, including pizza, finger food, and Ice cream.

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6. A Dinoflagellate-Bioluminescence Tour on a Kayak

 Dinoflagellate-Bioluminescence Tour on a Kayak

Enjoy a Dinoflagellate Bioluminescence Kayak Tour to experience the natural phenomenon that is extremely rare and only occurs in a handful of locations around the world. Kayak across a warm, dark lagoon until you reach a spot where the water glows an eerie blue when it is disturbed by your kayak or paddle.

Manatees and dolphins that you’ll encounter on your trip leave a blue wake when they travel through the water. Experience this stunning lighting show as your knowledgeable guide will explain everything you must be aware of.

5. Brevard Zoo

Brevard Zoo

In the 75-acre Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, visitors can visit hundreds of animals belonging to nearly 200 species worldwide. Schooling and conservation are at the soul of the Zoo’s operations, and you can learn about the efforts to safeguard these animals and their habitats.

All day long, there are feedings, as well as various excursions. A boat excursion and train ride, paddling boat tours through an area of wetland and a treetop hike are available, as is the flamingo pond.

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4. Learn to surf at Pura Vida Surf School

Learn to surf at Pura Vida Surf School

Cocoa Beach is the ideal spot to start if you’ve always wanted to learn surfing. Pura Vida Surf School has the perfect group lesson of one hour to start you off. Start by learning about safety and master some basic techniques before diving into the water to surf waves.

3. Rossetter House Museum and Gardens

Appreciate a guided excursion of the interior of the historical Rossetter House Museum, the Houston Cemetery, and the beautiful gardens. The knowledgeable guides will explain an interesting background on the Eau Gallie and Rossetter and the Rossetter and Roesch families.

2. Kiwi Tennis Club

Kiwi Tennis Club

If you’re a keen tennis player or are interested in trying this sport, Kiwi Tennis Club has 13 courts for you to match up against players at your level or even learn from novices.

A gym, pro shop, as well as lockers, are available on-site, as well as Breezeway Bar is also available. Breezeway Bar will be open at certain hours during the day.

1. Cap Canaveral Fishing

Cap Canaveral Fishing

Suppose you embark on a Deep Sea Fishing Charter with Outdoor. In that case, You don’t just have the opportunity to enjoy deep sea fishing but also explore the area of the coast close to Cape Canaveral and see spectacular views of the stunning coastline and the stunning mansions that are dotted along the cliffs.

The area is one of the most effective deep-sea fishing available in the region. Both experienced and novice anglers can catch various species, including snapper sharks, tuna, wahoo marlin, Mahi grouper, and kingfish.

The vessels are comfortable and are equipped to protect you, and the experienced and knowledgeable crew members will explain everything you need that you should know about the region and the fish you’ll be searching for.

Best Things to Do in Indian Harbour Beach, Florida

1. Cape Canaveral Deep Sea Fishing Charters

2. Kiwi Tennis Club

3. Rossetter House Museum and Gardens

4. Surf with Pura Vida Surf School

5. Brevard Zoo

6. Dinoflagellate Bioluminescence Kayak Tour

7. Andretti Thrill Park

8. The Liberty Bell Memorial Museum

9. Cape Canaveral Inshore Fishing

10. Wickham Park

11. Manatee and Dolphin Tour


13. McLarty Treasure Museum


15. Surf Lessons and Paddleboarding