20 Best And Fun Things to Do in Davie, Florida

Davie is just a short drive away from Fort Lauderdale and Miami, but it doesn’t diminish the small-town charm of Davie. Tamara Toussaint, Jake Tannebaum, and others founded the original town in the early 1900s.There are a lot of things to do in Davie Florida.

However, it wasn’t until Davie began draining much more of the swamplands surrounding that the town started to grow. Davie has a Western-inspired feel, despite being in South Florida. The town originally covered nearly 30,000 acres. However, it quickly grew beyond that.

Here are 20 top things to do around Davie, Florida.

20. Tree Tops Park

Tree Tops Park

Tree Tops Park, created in 1980, is a vital community park in Davie. It occupies 243 acres of land originally meant to become a golf club. Tree Tops Park makes getting into Pine Island Ridge Natural Area easy.

Tree Tops Park has many foot and equestrian trails that guests can enjoy. Guests can explore many walking trails and canoe waterways guests can paddle. Guests can also visit a few archaeological sites at their own pace. Guests can use five picnic shelters, five campfire rings, picnic areas, and playgrounds.

19. Davie Golf Club

Davie Golf Club

The Davie Golf Club has recently been through renovations and upgrades. It is now one of the area’s best-value activities for locals and tourists.

To enhance the course’s beauty and make it more challenging, trees were added.
Many greens on the course are multi-tiered, which makes them comparable to championship-level courses.

The course’s length is approximately 4,900 to 6,400, depending on your chosen tees. As with most Florida golf destinations, tee times are popular during peak hours. Make certain to make reservations if you intend on recreating.

18. Flamingo Gardens

Flamingo Gardens

The Flamingo Gardens, located on 60 acres of land, are part of the Botanical Garden and the Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary. Over 3,000 species of rare and exotic tropical plants and diverse trees can be found in the gardens.

The gardens are home to many other wildlife, including bobcats, eagles, peacocks, otters, and alligators. They were founded as a non-profit botanical park in 1927.

17. Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Casinos were once the domain of wealthy people, corrupt politicians, and shady criminal gangsters. Casinos are now a popular destination for families, despite being often the same.
There’s always something for everyone, from live entertainment to premium shopping venues to world-class restaurants and clubs.

Hollywood’s Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino offers all of the above. You can find affordable lodging on-site. Many guests also claim that the food here is as good as in Vegas.

16. Young At Art Museum in Davie

Young At Art Museum in Davie

Visitors of all ages can explore the Young At Art Museum and experience exhibits using a variety of sensory senses, including sound, texture, sight, and smell. Because art can inspire, the center has designed exhibits specifically tailored to teenagers and children of all ages.

The 55,000-square-foot Young At Art Museum was built in public and private partnerships with Broward County. The museum is geared towards children, but adults are welcome to visit the exhibits along with their loved ones. And it wonderful spot for kids things to do in Broward county.

15. Billie Swamp Safari

Billie Swamp Safari

The best way to see swamps such as the Everglades is by airboat. These machines are loud, powerful, and exhilarating. They skim through shallow water and submerged grass, which would make traditional boats stop in their tracks.

Billie’s Swamp Safari can be found on the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation. It offers a range of tours that will give you an intimate view of this unique habitat and a combination of its wilderness, like raccoons and turtles.

You can also find a reptile house, and animal shows on-site. There is even live entertainment. This kind of location where a family can spend an entire day.

14. Vista View Park

Vista View Park

Vista View Park covers 272 acres of rolling hills and meadows with pristine forests. The park is home to many local species of flora, fauna, and plants and is very popular with guests during outdoor seasons.

Eight picnic shelters are available for individuals and groups, with some being reserved in advance. You can use the paved paths for running, walking, inline skating, and biking. Pets are welcome and delivered. They live on a leash. There are also paved paths for guests to explore.

13. Old Davie School Historical Museum

Old Davie School Historical Museum

The Old Davie School Historical Museum is discovered on Griffin Road in Davie. It’s an academic resource for the tourist that’s readily available and inexpensive.

As the school structure has been remodeled throughout the years, it still maintains its authentic architectural details. It’s basically like a snapshot of history.

The museum’s displays concentrate on the past, civilization, and science. They also highlight the Native American peoples and animals who had called this area home for many millennia, long before it was officially settled.

Guided group tours can be arranged but must be booked in advance.

12. Butterfly Pavilion at Flamingo Road Nursery

Butterfly Pavilion at Flamingo Road Nursery

Flamingo Road Nursery can be described as a farmer’s market and a plant nursery. It is fun for all ages. The Butterfly Pavilion is located in the Flamingo Nursery and offers families and individuals the possibility to see majesty butterflies in their natural habitat.

The Butterfly Pavilion uses sustainable gardening techniques to ensure that the butterflies thrive. Guests will be able to see the beautiful creatures fly around at their leisure. For more information on particular events, guests are invited to visit the online calendar.

11. Bergeron Rodeo Grounds

Bergeron Rodeo Grounds

In many ways, South Florida is like the old west. Many of its charming and historical towns have been in existence for many years and house old cowboys that have memories of the days of cattle ranches and swamps.

It’s no surprise that rodeos are very popular even in a place where the majority of visitors associate with bikini-clad beauty and white beaches.

For more than forty years over the past four decades, the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds in Davie has held rodeos every year, which offer a variety of activities for families.

The venue is also home to shows, live performances, and art, and craft shows. Regardless of when your visit to the region, there will probably be something happening worth checking out.

10. Long Key Natural Area & Nature Center

Long Key Natural Area & Nature Center

Representatives from Broward County have made the 164 acres of land, which was once home to the Seminole Native American Tribes and the Tequesta First, a protected area.

The Long Key Natural Area & Nature Center has an exhibit hall that tells its story, an interactive classroom for children, a banquet hall, a theater, and many trails for biking and walking.

There are many archeological exhibits that guests can explore and interact with.

9. Buehler Observatory and Planetarium

Buehler Observatory and Planetarium

The Buehler Observatory and Planetarium offer a wide range of inexpensive and free ways to see and explore the universe. It is a wonderful spot for families with young kids as it is free things to do in Davie fl.

They have state-of-the-art equipment and offer regularly scheduled shows throughout the week. All of these are surprisingly affordable.

Weekend shows fill up faster than weekday shows, so it’s a good idea to arrive early if you plan to visit. As if you are thinking about what to do in davie fl this weekend then it is the perfect thing to do in Davie fl this weekend. You can also view their shows outdoors for free, depending on the weather.

8. Paragon Theaters – Paragon Ridge 8

Paragon Theaters - Paragon Ridge 8

Paragon Theaters – Ridge in Davies is the best place to catch blockbuster and first-run films. It was opened as part of Paragon Theaters’ chain in 2015. 1

The newly renovated auditoriums show the best of comedy, drama, and action films. They have large screens, digital projection equipment, and sound enhancements. MyPi Custom Pizza is a popular spot for dining, offering a variety of craft beers and build-yourself pies.

Recurring customers can enjoy discounts on major movie releases through a loyalty program. The theater hosts special events throughout the year, including free movie nights for children during summer. If you are thinking about what to do in Davie fl tonight then this fit in right place.

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7. Secret Woods Nature Center

Secret Woods Nature Center

Secret Woods Nature Center was named for its location, which is slightly off the beaten track and makes it a little difficult to find.

It is located just outside of town on Route 84 and Interstate 95. Many trails lead through beautiful areas of forest or river.

Many indoor exhibits offer information about the history and wildlife of the area, including live snakes and a thriving honey beehive.

Butterfly Island, which features over 20 species of butterflies, is one of the most visited exhibits in the center.

6. Marando Farms and Ranch

Marando Farms and Ranch

Marando Farms Ranch is a great place to bring the whole family, as many activities keep them entertained and happy. It is simple to shop local at the ranch and farm for eco-friendly groceries, as they identify where their products are sourced.

A large petting zoo is available for both animal lovers and children. It is home to rescued animals and pets. For those who are equestrian-oriented, there is hay and pony riding available. All animals receive a high level of veterinary care.

Marando Farms and Ranch usually holds monthly events that make it easy for you to plan your outing. And it can fit what to do in Davie fl today a quick plan for your day.

5. Happy Pony World

Happy Pony World

Happy Pony World, located on SW 112th Avenue, Davie, is an outstanding local firm. It offers various alternative therapies and recreation options using horses and ponies.

Guided tours of the facility and horseback rides around the lake and forest were available.
You’ll acquire a ton of pre-trip activities for those who don’t own much knowledge of riding horses.

The horses are patient and will be fitted with their riders established on their mastery class.
No issue with your age or capability. There is possible to be a package that suits you. Check their official website to see a complete list.

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4. Robbins Preserve

Robbins Preserve

Robbins Preserve is 160 acres. It is divided into several categories, including open space and equestrian trails. There are also many pedestrian areas. Many small gazebos can be found within the pedestrian areas.

There are also play areas with playgrounds and picnic areas. These areas are open to all on a first-come, first-served basis. The Lodge is an indoor facility available for rent for functions and meetings.

The Equestrian Center offers guests the opportunity to use the equestrian trails by providing a pole barn and two wash racks with water hoses, mounting blocks, and trailer parking.

3. Anne Kolb Nature Center

Anne Kolb Nature Center

The Anne Kolb Nature Center, located on Sheridan Street near Hollywood, is one of the most popular destinations in the area for anyone interested in learning more about South Florida’s fascinating animals and plants.

Half-hour boat tours through the swamp are a popular activity. Visitors will not only see many animals but also get a sense of the vastness of the Everglades.

You can visit the center from Monday through Friday for free. It features an elevated boardwalk that runs through mangroves, cypress swamps, and other natural areas.
If you are bothered by mosquitos or gnats, don’t forget to pack a spray bottle of insect repellant.

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2. Laspada’s Original Hamgies

Laspada's Original Hamgies

Laspada’s Original Hoagies has been feeding South Florida since 1974. But they attribute their origins to Chester, PA, where the hoagie sandwich first appeared. Laspada’s is loved by the locals for its delicious and high-quality hoagies. And it is a perfect fun thing to do in south florida.

However, the staff also treats each customer like family. Laspada’s Original Hoagies is known for having a long wait. Still, because of the efficient and high-quality workers, the wait is never too long, regardless of how many sandwiches they make.

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1. Sunday Jazz Brunch

Sunday Jazz Brunch

The Revolution Live Sunday Jazz Brunch is located along Sunday Jazz Brunchort Lauderdale’s picturesque Riverwalk. It takes place every Sunday and features a beautiful setting with plenty of smooth jazz played by local musicians. If you are searching for what to do when bored in florida then Sunday Jazz Brunch can be the perfect spot to choose.

This is not a restaurant with full-service; it’s a bring-yourself event and it is the perfect spot for things to do in davie this weekend. There are plenty of grassy areas where you can spread a blanket and relax while enjoying the music, nibbling on sandwiches, or sipping champagne.

The occasion takes place at Esplanade Park in the metropolis. It’s also permissible to bring your pet, provided they are on a leash. The event runs from 11 to 2 p.m.

FAQ On Things to Do in Davie, Florida

Is Davie florida a good place to live

Yes, as Davie is in Broward County and is one of the best places to live in Florida.

What is Davie FL known for?

Davie is a town in the state of Florida. The town of Davie is also the hub for higher learning within South Florida, where several well-known technical institutes, colleges, and universities from South Florida Educational Center. South Florida Educational Center.

Is Davie Florida a good area?

Yes, Davie is a great place to live. Davie gives residents a suburban atmosphere, and most have their own homes.

How far is Davie FL from the beach?

The distance is 13.66 miles from Davie to Pompano Beach in the northeast direction and 18 miles (28.97 kilometers) using the I-95 N route. It takes about 24 minutes by Car.

What city is Davie Florida close to?

1. Cooper City, FL.
2. Plantation, FL.
3. Lauderhill, FL.

How large is Davie FL?

92.64 kmĀ²

What are some highly rated things to do in Davie, FL?

– Sunday Jazz Brunch
– Laspada’s Original Hamgies
– Robbins Preserve

What are some things to do with a large number of reviews in Davie, FL?

As per Google Here Are Top #3 things to do in Davie,Fl
1. Flamingo Gardens
2. Young At Art Museum
3. Anne Kolb Nature Center