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Best Clubs And Bars In Tampa, Florida

Clubs And Bars In Tampa – Tampa is alive after the sun sets, providing great hangouts for all atmospheres. You can dance in raging nightclubs or catch the action at the bars.

Or, you can attend an exciting concert. Many international artists visit Tampa to perform at the renowned concert halls that have won national fame.

You’ll find live melody nearly every night of each week and plenty of places to groove.

We understand that choosing between the best bars in Tampa can be difficult with so many choices. We’re here to help.

These are our top picks for bars and clubs that you should not miss for a fun night out.

15 Best Clubs And Bars In Tampa For A Night Out

Here are the Best Clubs And Bars In Tampa For A Night Out You Must Visit.

15. Club Prana

Club Prana
Club Prana
Address:1619 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605

With much anticipation, Club Prana opened in 2000. Club Prana is located in Ybor City and surrounds you with lovely people and stylish, posh decor.

Club Prana was the first five-story nightclub to be built in Tampa Bay. Each floor features its music and style.

You can easily reach the top of the entertainment district by using our elevators or numerous staircases.

This high-energy European lounge sets new standards in Tampa’s nightlife. Our cordial attendants will help you with any VIP requests.

As you walk through the grand entrance, an overwhelming feeling of beauty and excitement overtakes you as you start a night that will be unforgettable.

14. The Castle

The Castle
The Castle
Address:2004 N 16th St, Tampa, FL 33605

The Castle was established on Guavaween as a small saloon in 1992. It had a clear goal to create a wonderful place that all our friends would love to visit.

The addition of solid drinks was a great idea. They had a wide range of single malt whiskies, small batch Bourbon, aged Tequila, and an eclectic mix of beers from all over the globe.

The bar had a great jukebox that provided music for several years before DJs were introduced to spice up the variety of genres.

A periodic control has been performed there for more additional 20 years. Ask them their names as they serve single-malt Scotch, small-batch bourbon, and an assortment of beers.

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13. The Kennedy Soho

The Kennedy Soho
The Kennedy Soho
Address:2408 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609

The Kennedy is Tampa’s most famous nightclub. It features a good-looking stylish bar, sound stage, bass pumpin’ pristine Funktion one hybrid sound strategy, a unique dance floor, and VIP seating.

The Kennedy is one of Tampa’s most prestigious platforms. The model and dance floor have a sophisticated feel thanks to soft red lighting.

Red velvet curtains show off a vibe that cries Old Hollywood-meets-discotheque. Ladies, sign up on Kennedy’s guest checklist for outstanding requests in the darkness you reach.

You’ll be the foremost 150 people to sign up for Thursday night and get in free of charge! You’ll get the same deal on Saturday nights and receive free funded drinks from 10 to midnight.

12. Tequila’s


You can enjoy Mexican food at Tequila’s, located in the heart of Ybor City. The real star of Tequila’s is not the shimmering lanterns.

It’s the two full bars that are the main attraction. Tequila has over 100 tequilas from around the globe.

You can grab the limes and salt and enjoy some time in the fresh air and charm of Ybor City or inside the charming restaurant.

Tequila’s is also known for its fantastic cocktails that feature Tequila. You can try the Jalapeno Margarita made with Milagro Reposado or the Tequila mockingbird with Don Julio Silver.

To keep your Blood Alcohol Content under control, share bites such as avocados filled with beef, cheese, and pico de Gallo.

Also, you can try the chimichangas and burritos. They are also available as vegetarian options.

11. Tangra Nightclub

Tangra Nightclub
Tangra Nightclub
Address:1611 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605

This leading club, second-floor lounge, and Rooftop are perfect for a night out.

Designed by Disco Designer, Tangra Nightclub gives you a sense of arrival and discovery as soon as you enter our multi-level space.

Tangra Nightclub hosts the most bizarre room in the city. The number one attraction for nightlife in Tampa is Tangra Nightclub.

Its vibrant design and unique look on every level make it stand out.

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10. AJA Channelside

AJA Channelside
AJA Channelside
Address:290 S Meridian Ave, Tampa, FL 33602

AJA Channelside is both inviting and evocative. It is encountered at the bottom of the Towers of Channelside, with a tremendous ambient delight that must be communicated.

AJA Channelside provides a memorable experience for every guest, regardless of whether the headliner is a top DJ or performer.

AJA Channelside has a unique style that compliments the Channelside District’s modern luxury aesthetic and contains genuinely original elements.

Kirk Blaschke, a Frank Gehry designer known for his seamless integration of technology with handmade pieces, has made AJA’s visual chronology.

The graphic description for AJA incorporates the power and class from New York, Chicago and Miami venues with Tampa.

AJA is excellent for dancing, dining, and high-energy cocktails. The intersection of sound and view constructs a fantastic area where you can appreciate the surroundings and individually others.

Tampa’s top destination for great music and a great atmosphere. Every Friday Night, Surround yourself with beautiful people.

9. Pegasus Lounge & Niteclub

Pegasus Lounge & Niteclub
Pegasus Lounge & Niteclub
Address:14811 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33613

Julie, who purchased PEGASUS LOUNGE in May 2001 intending to bring a relaxed atmosphere to Tampa Bay’s north side near USF, is the owner of PEGASUS LOUNGE.

Julie is passionate about live music and wanted to create a space where touring and local acts could play and have fun.

Pegasus has become a welcoming and comfortable place for people from all walks of life. Julie is known for her warm smile and welcoming people.

The PEGASUS Lounge is a unique music venue that features local and national talent. We offer the best Karaoke or Pornaoke in Tampa Bay and a diverse Open Jam/Mic Night.

PEGASUS LUNGE was named one of the top 100 local bars in Tampa/St. Pete in 2009. PEGASUS LOOGE was also voted Best Karaoke in the Best of the Bay 2010.

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8. Southern Nights TAMPA

Southern Nights TAMPA
Southern Nights TAMPA
Address:1401 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605

GLBT Venue offers the best nightlife in Ybor City. Cocktails, Drag Queens and GoGo Dancers.

They aim to be the best nightclub in Tampa for the LGBTQ community.

They will seek to accomplish this by delivering first-rate client service and crafting all drinks with skillfulness and character.

Clients will invariably be first, and the bar will evolve into a home.

7. Gaspar’s Grotto

Gaspar's Grotto
Gaspar’s Grotto
Address:1805 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605, USA

Gaspar’s Grotto is a pirate-themed bar where patrons can have a good time until the early hours in Tampa.

The famous venue is located in the historic Ybor City District. It offers savory Cuban cuisine and three spacious bars. You’ll find entertainment all day and plenty of fun events to create a festive atmosphere.

Every night, local bands and DJs take to the stage. There’ll be plenty of room for everyone to move.

Although the bars are always crowded, the staff is friendly and efficient and will attend to all your needs.

There are never dull moments at this pirate shindig, with nightly drink specials and trivia nights.

6. The Sail Pavilion

 The Sail Pavilion
The Sail Pavilion

The Tampa Riverwalk’s only 360-degree open-air waterfront bar, the Sail Pavilion, is located on the Tampa Riverwalk.

You can reach this urban oasis by foot, car, or boat from any of the top downtown Tampa bars.

The Sail Pavilion is an excellent spot for tourists and locals. It’s within walking distance of many of Tampa’s most popular attractions and the Channelside District.

The Sail Pavilion farm is straight in front of the Tampa Convention Center. It’s an excellent spot to rest and appreciate the sunset.

Before proceeding, you can seize a sandwich at Big Ray’s Fish Shack. This is one of Tampa’s most suitable eateries.

Multiple food trucks will line up on Franklin Street next to the post, occasionally even blazing up!

5. Bad Monkey

Bad Monkey
Bad Monkey

Bad Monkey is the best place in Tampa to go wild. Bad Monkey is one of the most popular Ybor bars and dedicates itself to the brave soldiers who have served their country.

Six full-sized, 105mm Howitzer Shells measuring 105mm in length are a sure sign that you’re at a military pub.

You’ll notice the “Flying Tigers,” P-40 Warhawk, smashing via the top. For companies of 10 or more additional, secure your fixture.

You can socialize, watch TV, make a giant Jenga Tour, play shuffleboard, or build many Jenga routes! Upstairs, the VIP Lounge suggests intimate seating, a collection table, and a large-screen TV.

4. The Ritz Ybor

 The Ritz Ybor
The Ritz Ybor
Address:1503 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605, USA

The Ritz Ybor in Tampa is the premier venue for live music and hosts some of today’s most prominent artists.

The concert hall has hosted world-famous musicians like Lady Gaga, Foo Fighters, and Twenty-One Pilots.

It underwent massive renovations and now has three luxurious rooms, full-service bars, and a great lighting system.

The auditorium has no seating, so you resolve to stand all nighttime. The show row places you directly beside the stage for a stunning show in an intimate setting.

The Ritz Ybor also hosts private events like bridal showers or birthday parties.

3. First Chance Last Chance Bar & Courtyard

First Chance Last Chance Bar & Courtyard
First Chance Last Chance Bar & Courtyard
Address:1707 N 16th St, Tampa, FL 33605

This side-street bar transforms into a chic neighborhood hangout in the evenings of Ybor city. It offers a wide selection of cocktails and local craft beer on tap.

This bar is welcoming, spacious, and friendly. You can recreate games with your buddies, and there are invariably relaxed entertaining conditions.

They proudly welcome patrons from all walks of and provide a welcoming and comfortable gathering space.

2. Crowbar

Address:1812 N 17th St, Ybor City, FL 33605, USA

Crowbar is one of Tampa’s best-loved live music venues. It offers performances from every genre.

You can hear a combination of lyrical styles, including rock, hip-hop, dubstep, metal, and more.

With gratitude to the tight-knit environment, you can get close to the performers for an unforgettable night of music.

This beloved Ybor City venue hosts music daily, whether a DJ or a band.

Crow’s Nest Beer Garden hosts many special events, such as DaCypher Wednesdays or Bike Night. Enjoy a refreshing beverage on the patio or perform at an open mic night.

1. CW’s Gin Joint

CW's Gin Joint
CW’s Gin Joint
Address:633 N Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602, USA

CW’s Gin Joint offers its specialty of elegant evenings with soul, Smooth Jazz, and top-shelf beverages.

This downtown Tampa diner remembers the Roaring Twenties when speakeasies lived desired in the USA.

As you appreciate one of the autograph gin cocktails, the environment is improved by stylish decor.

The music is light and can be heard at the right volume for conversation with other diners.

A polite staff includes gin experts who can make suitable recommendations based on your preferences.

You can pair your cocktail with various appetizers, seafood, sandwiches, or delicious desserts. Grilled octopus is a popular choice for adventurous eaters.