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15 Best Bars in Gainesville Florida

Bars in Gainesville Florida – Gainesville is known for being a college city. That means there are lots of bars and clubs to enjoy in Gainesville.

Gainesville is known for its vibrant nightlife. It may not surprise that Gainesville is such a popular cool bars near Gainesville for college students.

You can easily get to all the places you want because everything is within easy reach of Gainesville.

If you are peeking for bars with music or themes, there will be plenty of them. There are numerous options when it arrives at bar Gainesville fl and clubs Gainesville.

15 Must-See Bars & Clubs in Gainesville

Here are the Best 15 bars in Gainesville, Florida

15. Madrina’s


Madrina’s in Gainesville is a popular bar that has a Cuban-American twist. The Cantinero tradition in Cuba inspires the creation of unique cocktails at this bar. This is the place to be if you are a Florida Lover.

Enjoy exquisite artwork, delectable drinks, and an out-of-this-world cocktail menu! Madrina’s is distinguished by its excellent customer service. The bartenders know exactly what they’re talking about and enjoy chatting with customers to share their knowledge on the best drinks.

Madrina’s bar is great for a night out with your partner, a solo trip, or a casual get-together. It is known for its unique holiday themeing, which includes the Christmas transformation. Old Fashion & Guava The Hut are the best drinks.

14. Sidecar


Sidecar Bar in Bar Gainesville has something for everyone. The live music, special cocktails, and events make it a popular spot for crowds. This is one of the best things to do when in Gainesville.

Sidecar hosts free trivia every week on Thursday. The $100 gift card is awarded to the lucky winners, which seems to be a draw for all the poor college kids and it is best college bars in Gainesville fl. There’s also happy hour, which is open every day, except Sundays.

Enjoy handcrafted cocktails at a reasonable price for everyone. You’ll also love the food! Order a house cocktail, such as “Crush on You”, to split an app and get some delicious cocktails.

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13. Cry Baby’s

Cry Baby’s

The Downtown Bar is very popular in Gainesville because of its fantastic cocktails and delicious food as Gainesville bars downtown. There are also excellent mocktails, which are refreshing and well-crafted. Be conscious that the cool bars can be loud at moments.

However, it isn’t from anyone crying. Cry Baby enjoys this spot as a relaxing place and attracts many people as top Gainesville bars. Cry Baby’s has a Tiki-like atmosphere and can easily accommodate large groups. You will be a happy, healthy baby once you have spent some time here.

12. Arcade Bar

Arcade Bar

The Arcade Bar, Gainesville’s best bar, is the place to be if your passion lies in old-school games. This place is for cheap drinks, unlimited play and free food! The game bar is a wonderful place to gather with family and friends. Perhaps you even feel the urge to go out on a date.

Easy parking is available, there are three floors of arcade machines, and you can enjoy a few bars on floors 1 or 3. This is the best thing to do in Gainesville at night or in the late hours of the day. Bubble hockey, shooters, and even skeeball are all options that keep you active while you sip your beer.

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11. White Buffalo

White Buffalo

The White Buffalo is located in the heart of downtown. This bar offers liquor and craft beer from local distilleries. It is also a wonderful location to meet unknown individuals. This is the place to visit. You may also Check out Best Restaurants in Gainesville Florida

10. The Tipsy Gamer

The Tipsy Gamer is a brand-new bar in Gainesville. But you will want to go! To “bring Nerd Culture” into Gainesville, the best friends from childhood opened the bar in February 2022.

It offers a place to play video games, grow your trading card collection, and make new friends over a glass.

This bar can be described as a “barcode” since it is divided into two parts. The arcade is at the back, and trading cards are done in the first area. You can also play Street Fighter, Pac-Man, or other games heirlooms.

You can even get better! You can even find virtual reality headsets, gaming consoles, and bar equipment at the bar so that you can have beer, wine, or other beverages.

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9. The Bull

The Bull

The Bull is a perfect spot to relax after a long week of work or stressful days because it has a calm, peaceful, and relaxing atmosphere. This is the ultimate bar in fl love spot! The Bull is the perfect spot for those who want to feel a “Vibe”, chill out, and have a drink.

The music is soothing and beautiful and can be listened to while you enjoy one of their handcrafted beers. The wine list is extensive, and there are plenty of activities for you to do with your friends. Playing board games together while enjoying cocktails and listening live to jazz or spoken word is a great way to bond with friends.

8. That Bar and Table

That Bar and Table

That Bar and Table in Gainesville offers a full-service menu that is casual and family-friendly. The bar and pub area are great places to relax or enjoy a meal. Both locals, as well as visitors, love the tacos.

You can find a wide variety of vegetables, which makes it easily accessible for all. This bar/pub is well-known for its guava margaritas and an extensive list of wines and beer. Enjoy a relaxing time at one of the Gainesville pubs.

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7. Dragon Fly

Dragon Fly

Dragonfly Sushi serves fresh sushi and delicious cocktails and is a Gainesville institution. The restaurant has a covered lounge and bar area indoors and outdoors.

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6. The Keys Grill & Piano Bar

The Keys Grill & Piano Bar

Are you looking for a Gainesville bar with live music? You won’t be disappointed at Keys Grill & Piano Bar. You will never find a dull moment within the entertainment industry at Keys Grill & Piano Bar.

Even though the restaurant serves great seafood, the lounge area and drinks keep customers returning. The Keys offers brunch as well! It doesn’t count what term you are there. This bar in Gainesville will always be open. The happy hour is a blast, so don’t forget to try Santiago’s Mojito. You can also sing along to the piano music.

5. Gather Social Lounge

 Gather Social Lounge

A hidden treasure in Gainesville, this hidden gem can be found inside Hotel Indigo at Celebration Pointe. It is not the typical Gainesville bar, with its chic, modern, and artsy bars sophisticated ambiance, that will fool you into thinking it won’t offer a good night out.

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4. University Club

You can’t just have bars in college cities! Clubs are also needed! University Club is one of Gainesville’s most popular clubs. This popular spot is great for friends to get together. To consume, you must be 21 years of age. The area is loaded with tremendous vibrancy and enjoyment, with tons of dancing and dancing.

You will be amazed to see the University Club packed at dawn every morning. The club itself is made up of three stories. There is also a piano bar on Fridays. However, people keep coming back for cheap drinks, including dancing, music, and drag show performances.

3. The Social at Midtown

The Social at Midtown

The Social at Midtown’s most popular feature is its open-roof lounge. There are over 30 craft beers available, along with intoxicating drink options.

You will love this spot for a romantic evening or entertaining visiting friends in top bars in Gainesville fl. You can also enjoy a ladies’ night free every Thursday at 7.

With 60 flat-screen TVs, this is the best place to catch Florida Gators football action. Don’t wait! Visit Midtown Social to enjoy. You will thank me later!

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2. Silver Q Billiards & Sports Bar

Silver Q Billiards & Sports Bar

Silver Q has located in downtown Gainesville. Everyone loves this bar. It is an iconic bar! And to be specific one of the best sports bars in Gainesville fl. They are open from 2 a.m. to 2 a.m. each day. It’s a popular spot for gainesville nightclub. They have over 20 beers and offer a full-service liquor bar.

People love going here because it’s one of the best sports bars in Gainesville. The bar offers a variety of activities, including a patio, 13 pool tables, and darts. It also has over 30 TVs with sports viewing. There are always things to do at this one of the best bars in Gainesville florida. Make sure you check out their specials and events.

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1. The Dime

The Dime

Sometimes bars in college towns are a little too… college town. But not at Dime! The Dime, a Gainesville bar that frequently changes to remain relevant and fresh, is the Dime. This intimate bar is close to Matheson History Museum. But it’s best known for its handcrafted cocktail menu.

Do not go to the Dime if you’re looking for your usual beer and wine selection. You will always be returning to the bar for new and exciting drinks. The Hustler is a popular choice, as well as the New York Sour.

It doesn’t matter if you sit indoors or outside. Just drink up! Fifteen of Gainesville’s most popular bars and clubs. This college townlet has plenty to deliver. We have listed the best bar in Gainesville and clubs you can visit for dancing, drinking, meeting new people, and karaoke. Enjoy!

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