11 Best SkateParks in Miami, Florida

SkateParks in Miami – Bright And with the potential to be outdoors all year round, Miami is the perfect spot to go skating. Recently Miami has been the center of attention. Miami has seen a renewed initiative to create skate parks.

This is surely a great idea, and this will signal to skateboarders know that the sport isn’t just a pastime admired but also recognized.

Learn more about which Skateboarding Parks Located In Miami, Florida, and be prepared to explore this city and the surrounding areas fresh!

11. Lot 11 SkatePark

Lot 11 Skate Park

Lot 11 SkatePark is located just below the Interstate-95 bridge. Lot 11 Skate Park is a 45000 square-foot space (4180 sq m), also known as Lot 11 SkatePark. A skatepark that was ten years to develop with a budget of 1.8 million dollars, This amazing street plaza and bowl is a paradise for skaters that you shouldn’t leave.

The obstacles are placed to allow you to land your tricks efficiently. It features concrete down rails and hubbas quarter pipes, pyramid banks and escalators, massive hovers made from granite, and many more.

In keeping with the fundamentals that make street skatepark in Miami great, this park includes benches, fire hydrants, and a handrail complete with an e-balustrade.

There’s no shortage of handrails to run your wheels on, a set of steps to climb, or fun boxes to linger in within Lot 11 SkatePark. If the square on the street isn’t enough to get you excited, then take a look at the magnificent bowl, which has four ranges of angles dimensions, corners, and angles.

Address :NW 1st St &, NW 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33128, United States

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10. Skateboard Supercross Academy SBSX Pumptrack

Skateboard Supercross Academy SBSX Pumptrack

The skateboarding school is by appointment only and ideal for anyone who wants to improve their ability. There are lessons in skateboarding and longboarding as well being available rides.

The Skateboard Supercross Academy is great for learning specific techniques or tricks. Skateboard Supercross also serves as an arena for competitions in longboarding and skateboarding.

The pump track at Skateboard Supercross is truly unique, and the level of professionalism at the academy in Miami skate park is. Make certain you obtain your skate on at Skateboard Supercross with well-known tutor Sarah! It is one of the most renowned skateboarding spots in Miami that you can visit.

Address :18900 NE 25th Ave, Miami, FL 33180

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9. North Trail Park

 North Trail Park

The park is situated between basketball courts and pathways for walking. North Trail Skate Park is a 10000-square-foot garden (929 acres) that creates the most out of its tiny landing area in skate parks in miami. It includes skittle-shaped manuals, multiple barriers, stair settings, and much more additional.

It also has tall ledges, a playbox, a large circular mini-ramp that allows for skating with just one push, and a variety of other tricks. From its brick stamps to its coping blocks, which create the feel of a backyard swimming pool, to stainless steel edgings for rails and banks, North Trail Park exudes amazingness.

Address :780 NW 127th Ave, Miami, FL 33182, United States

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8. Westwind Lakes Skate Park

 Westwind Lakes Skate Park

Westwind Lakes Park was Tony Hawk’s foremost visit on his expedition in 2011. How he learned the blocks at this objective outdoor skatepark (929 sq m) shows how awesome this park is. It’s a well-planned mix of street plaza blocks as well as the traditional flow of a skate park in miami.

The park is equipped with banks, fences, launch ramps and wall rides, stairs, as well as a variety of hubby. Its large concrete launch ramp with a deck and steel railing along the edge provides security for skaters.

The park also features an obstacle shaped like a volcano in its center to help your skating. Westwind Lakes Skate Park is open throughout the season long, as it is open as long as the weather is suitable. It’s also well-lit during late-night skates.

Address :6805 SW 152nd Ave, Miami, FL 33193

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7. Skate Park and Pump Track at Haulover Beach

Skate Park and Pump Track at Haulover Beach

Another recently opened skate park, Haulover Beach, conveys more additional sense to appreciate Miami’s blossoming skate set. The park is located in the northeast of Miami-Dade County. Haulover Beach is a great opportunity to practice grinds, nollies, ollies, kickflips, heelflips, and pump tracks of skate park Miami.

In a labor of love, five communities, came together to raise funds for this skate park that covers around 7500 sq ft. Bicyclists and skateboarders are invited to visit the Skate Park and Pump Track, at Haulover Beach.

Address :10800 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33154

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6. North Beach Public Skate Park

North Beach Public Skate Park

Right on Miami Beach and 82nd Street in North Beach Public Skate Park. Since it was opened in 2018, the skating pit has never been open except for bad weather. The huge oval-skateparks Miami features a 2.5-foot (0.7 meters) rollover with grind rails, an array of handrails and stairs, and funboxes.

A five-foot (2 millimeters) spine, where you can recreate a bone-free, 50-50 smith, a tuck-knee, and many more. The park is situated between the city’s suburban areas and the outskirts. North Beach Public Skate Park is full of residents with whom you can relish the fun and compete.

Address :82nd Street is North Beach

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5. Kendall Indians Hammock Skate Park

Kendall Indians Hammock Skate Park

Indian Hammocks Park this skate park is now one of Miami’s most sought-after skate parks. The park was built in the manner of two of the largest and most renowned skate parks in the United States.

Kendall Indians Hammock Skate Park is a mecca for skateboarders, bikers, scooters and inline skaters. The park covers more than 1,400 square feet of playground space. Kendall Indians Hammock Skate Park was among the very first skate parks to be opened in Miami and

In the addition of more parks over the years to follow. In the park, take in all it has to offer. Kendall Indians have to offer, including disc golfing, B.B.Q. Pits, walking trails, and more than 116 acres of nature.

Address :11395 SW 79th St, Miami, FL 33173

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4. Ramp48


Ramp48 is a steel and wood indoor skatepark ideal for skaters of all levels. The park has streets including handrails, bank ramps for banks, stairs mini-ramps, funbox, mini-ramps and many other street obstacles.

There is also bowls, half-pipes and the thirteen-foot (4 meters) ramp for skaters who are verts. Ramp48 is also well-known for its laidback vibe and the flow that has everything for everyone.

It’s also a spot where skaters gather for skate competitions and events catering to different communities and age groups. Whatever kind of skateboarding style or level of expertise you have, Ramp48 is the place for you.

Address :6290 NW 27th Way, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309, United States

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3. South Dade Skating Park

South Dade Skating Park

Perfect for beginners to intermediate skaters of all levels, South Dade Skating Park is open all year round. The park is open, and helmets and kneepads are needed. However, skaters are in their danger.

With no lighting, the fun at South Dade ends as the sun sets. The popular South Dade is open to rent on weekends, restricting weekday access to skating. An excellent all-around skateboarding facility located in Miami!

Address :28151 SW 164th Ave, Miami, FL

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2. Country Village Park

Country Village Park

The Country Village Skate Park is an outdoor skate park with an area of 9,000 square feet that can be explored with skateboards, BMX, and scooters. Whether you’re an intermediate, beginner, or expert, this recently added park will test your skills.

Free to use, it’s an ideal spot for a relaxing afternoon. It is open from 3 pm until 8 pm from Monday to Friday. Weekend skates are open from dawn to sunset. The Northwest section of the city Country Village Park is worth the walk.

Address :6550 N.W. 188 Terrace Miami, FL 33015

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1. Grand Central Skate Spot

Grand Central Skate Spot

Grand Central Skate Spot is 22,000 square feet of D.I.Y. skate park in the middle of the city center of Miami. This collaborative effort was brought to life with the help of Brad Knoeffler and Mark Lesniak of the O.P.R.A. and Skate Free.

Grand Central allowed the skaters from the community to think up and design a skatepark of their own. Every obstacle in the park was built or donated by skaters.

Grand Central Skate Spot became the main skateboarding spot for skaters to practice the sport, train and socialize in Miami.

Address :15 NE 7th St, Miami, FL 33132

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Wrapping Up

It’s remarkable to see the number of skateboarding spots in Miami expanding monthly. With the rapid growth of these parks that it’s not surprising that it’s a great time to be an avid skater on the streets of South Florida.

If you’re looking for a list of the most loved places, old and new, there’s no doubt you’ll find plenty of skating spots to hit up. We hope this list gives you a new perspective and a desire to go!